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Hebrew New Testament
Karaite Judaism (Karaism) is an expression of Judaism that is "anti-oral Torah" (anti-rabbinical authority).  As all other religions Karaites maintain a unique religious identity and set of religious traditions that are established on an ongoing baisis by Karaite Chakam (wise men).  Over the last decade Karaite "Judaism" has gained converts away from Christian, Messianic, Israelite or Ephraimite congregations through the books and teachings of Mr. Nehemia Gordon.  Mr. Gordon is an advocate of the Shem Tob New Testament, while making it clear that he's not a believer in Y'shua (Jesus) he postures himself as a New Testament scholar.
     Mr. Gordon uses a single Shem Tob NT text to build his theses. His publication entitled The Hebrew Yeshua vs the Greek Jesus is based on a medieval 1380 AD text that he uses to discredit Aramaic and Greek texts that are in some cases 1300 years older (Gordon references later copies of Shem Tob that are dated to mid 1500's).  Gordon's book The Hebrew Yeshua vs the Greek Jesus climaxs at chapter 8 teaching that Shem Tob says "he" (Moses) rather than "they" (the Pharisees) sit on Moses seat.  A very brief survey of the texts is all that is needed to recognize that Mr. Nehemiah Gordon is a long way from being a truthful man.

     Notice the footnote where Nehemiah Gordon admits, "vowels were added by myself", but then throughout his book Gordon tries to convince his readers of "proofs" and "puns" in the text that validate his thesis, he doesn't tell his readers that he made up his own "proofs" and "puns" when he chose what vowels to use... because everyone knows that without vowels you can't speak or communicate, Hebrew is no exception.  When the vowels are not supplied in the text Hebrew demands "oral tradition" to know the exact word choice.  Readers who don't know Hebrew have no idea whether Gordon is being truthful or fabricating more religious lies.

     The average person with any Bible experience knows that Torah, the Old Testament Bible and the New Testament Bible both demand that a matter is established by two witnesses never by one alone.  Nehemiah Gordon refuses to tell his readers that there are about 7 Shem Tob mss of the book of Matthew and he is singling out one manuscript that has one variation that the rest don't have.  In the scholarly world, or even when men a bit of honesty and uprightness they make that bit of information known to their readers, but not Nehemiah Gordon the Karaite.

      Sadly, Michael Rood, an American marketing guru with big garb and dynamic beard became so influenced and enmoured by Mr. Nehemia Gordon that Rood referred to Shem Tob mss as the greatest thing since the Dead Sea Scrolls.  People, Scripture tells us that we shouldn't call a man a fool, or a spiritually and morally reprobate idiot even if he is, because people can change so we must not be impolite.  But the fact of the matter is one tries to determine whether we're dealing with someone who is just plain wicked or highly intellectually retarded, some would argue both.

      Mr. Gordon never advises readers that no, Shem Tob doesn't say "he" in the text, it's Mr. Gordon who says is says he.  Shem Tob uses a plural "they" which is important for the context of Matthew 23:2, speaking about "scribes and Pharisees sit at Moses seat"...it's a clear THEY.  Verse 3 speaking about scribes and Pharisees... read the whole the verse don't do what they do, for THEY say but don't do...THEY.  Verse 4 who binds heavy burderns?  THEY.  Verse 5 whose works?  Who makes broad phylacteries etc?  THEY.  I won't bore you, throughout verses 2-16 the context is THEY... but Michael Drama King Rood on the lookout for breaking dramatic news and sales opportunites came under Mr. Gordon's religious guidance.

     Mr. Gordon refuses all public debate on the matter of textual primacy.  Mr. Gordon teaches that Y'shua (Jesus) was most very likely, it's rather impossible to think otherwise, you would be an idiot not disagree... wait for it... was a Karaite.  Wowzer... Mr. Gordon has no clue about Y'shua or the office of Mashiyach, to know that Y'shua never came under religious authorities.  Y'shua never endorsed any religious systems of the day.  Mr. Gordon doesn't understand the difference between the Government and Kingdom of Heaven and mans religion about God.  Unfortunately, Gordon, Rood and so many leaders in America today only operate in an US verses THEM religious world.

     Regrettably, some folks who follow Mr. Gordon's teachings have abandoned Mashiyach Y'shua in favor of Karaite theology.  Gordon defines the Greek Jesus as a pagan.  Christianity as a pagan religion, and his Karaite religion as the supreme religion.  Being open minded and wanting to learn about Hebraic roots a middle aged chap we'll refer to as "TC" began studying Karaitism with Mr. Gordon and his disciples.  TC was quickly advised to break all contact with Torah observant Jewish followers of Y'shua.  In speaking with TC he advised me of how Karaites had shown him that Yeshua could not be the Messiah, that Yeshua was an invention of Constantine the Emperor of Rome (4th Century).  TC had been baptized about a year earlier to meeting Nehemia Gordon and the Karaites.  When asking about TC Mr. Gordon suffered tremendous amnesia, didn't feel the man's soul was of enough importance that he remembered his name... which by the way he had changed to a Hebrew name so as to fit in.
    Mr. Gordon and those of the Karaite religion label strongly reject Y'shua as Mashiyach.  Mr. Gordon has been public about his rejection of Y'shua but it hasn't stopped all sorts of "Y'shua believers" to sit under Gordon's leadership authority.  The fact is many "believers" refuse to invest any significant amount of time in their faith, they want a buffet of teachers to chose from, they want truth handed down to them on a platter, refuse to investigate primary languages... they are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
     Shem Tob manuscripts form the basis of Mr. Nehemia Gordon's publications that are being disseminated to Christian and Messianic audiences.  Torah requires "two or three witnesses" to establish matters of law, Mr. Nehemia Gordon doesn't apply Torah principles to New Testament texts, why would he? He doesn't hold the New Testament as Sacred, quite the contrary.  Mr. Nehemia Gordon and Mr. Keith Johnson (co-author book/s together) bringing plenty of confusion, division and false teaching into the Messianic community, which is why many have asked Mr. Gordon for a public debate on NT and Tanakh textual criticism but he is both hubristic or cowardice when challenged by other scholars.  Debate is different than taking a public platform to guide people who know little or nothing about Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek.  The reality is Mr. Gordon was provided a public platform through Michael Rood and other American leaders who themselves have little or no skills in primary languages.
     A person of average intelligence would at least think it odd that a Karaite Jew is an authority on the New Testament and teaching so called "Messianic" leaders about Messiah. HaSatan (the Adversary) is also an authority on the New Testament and all other Sacred texts, but does that make haSatan a reliable and trusted scholar?  Mr. Gordon has taught Ephraimite Two House Hebrew Roots leaders and their followers much of what they believe and teach about Torah and the New Testament, he himself doesn't believe in the NT or live and act according to Torah.  Michael Rood is a big advocate of Nehemiah Gordon's Karaite new moon crescent Sadducean calendar, and prefers Gordon's calendar over what Y'shua Mashiyach himself observed.  The spirit of Karaism and much of it's identity comes from the Samaritans, that same spirit has been adopted in the modern American Two House, Ephraimite, or Sacred Name movements who believe themselves to be spiritually linked with the Northern Tribes of Israel.
     Most can see the fly in the ointment, but many don't have such luxury.  Karaism has it's spiritual roots with the Samaritans, there are many metrics to indicate that it's a branch of Samaritanism, an anti-Rabbinic cult religion in Samaria, although Karaism was birthed in Iraq.  The Ephraimite (Two House) movement has been spiritually nourished by Karaism and Samaritanism, but in truth, any do what thy will movement is a form of Satanism.  Rather than look to the example Y'shua gave us regarding celebration of the Moedim (Set Times), the Feasts of YHWH, many people prefer the authority of a man, more popular religious authority.
     Nehemia's followers publicly state they are ex-followers of Messiah.  Here are online testimonies from a petition online called:
Karaites Advising Nehemia Gordon
Click here to verify this information.
"From a Ger: “I don't understand this at all. His Karaite community that basically HE [Nehemia Gordon] established is desperately in need of a leader. Meanwhile he's going to church services and referring to the sermons ‘as some of the most powerful speeches he's ever heard.’ Most of us came out of this background."
     Whoever wrote the "From a Ger:" message, probably learnt what a Ger is from a Torah observant Messianic or Ephraimite teacher, really too bad though that these converts to Karaism don't do their own homework rather than go under the "spell" of religious opportunists like Mr. Gordon.
     On Friday March 25th, 2011, Karaite Korner Newsletter] #503: The Aramaic Letter Exposed.  At the beginning of Shabbat, Mr. Nehemia Gordon went on a stone throwing tirade against Mr. Andrew Gabriel Roth who he labeled as "a Jewish convert to Christianity".   Although Mr. Gordon didn't name the culprit, Mr. Andrew Gabriel Roth was well implicated by several specifics in Mr. Gordon's newsletter.  Mr. Roth and Mr. Baruch Ben Daniel are Netzari Jews, believers in Y'shua.  The letter by Mr. Gordon brims with misrepresentation, false judgments, allegations and derogatory slurs against Mr. Roth "the converted Jew".  In reality Mr. Roth was raised a Reform Jew, attended Orthodox and Conservative synagogues and became very convinced that Y'shua is Mashiyach, he and Mr. Baruch Ben Daniel have been Torah observant from birth... so why make such disparaging remarks about us as being "Christian"?  Everybody knows that being Christian implies those having "done away with Torah".  The truth is far from Mr. Nehemia Gordon's lips.
     Netzari Judaism is a Jewish Faith, a much more ancient faith than Karaism which was birthed in 9th Century Iraq by Jews who synchronized moon-worshipping-Islamic-paganism with "Samaritanism" into a comfortable form of religious Judaism.  Calendar theologies can be studied and compared in the publication Wheel of Stars, please visit www.wheelofstars.com.
     Mr. Nehemiah Gordon writes on his website, "Karaism has been around since God gave his laws to the Jewish people. At first those who followed YHWH's laws were merely called "Righteous" and it was only in the 9th century CE that they came to be called Karaites. The question of why God's followers are today called Karaites is really a question of the origin of the other sects. At first there was no reason to label the righteous as a separate sect because there was only the one sect which consisted of the whole Jewish people. Throughout history a variety of sects appeared and it was only to distinguish the righteous from these other groups which caused them in different periods to take on such names as Sadducees, Boethusians, Ananites, and Karaites." 
     What do we know about the Sadducees?
1. The Sadducees denied YHWH's involvement in everyday life, after all who needs God if you've got a Torah scroll to dance with?
2. The Sadducees denied any resurrection of the dead.
3. The Sadducees denied the afterlife, believing that the soul perished at death, and therefore didn't believe in either penalty or reward after this earthly life.
4. The Sadducees denied the existence of a spiritual world, i.e., angels and demons.
     The Sadducees were FAR more concerned with politics and money than the Kingdom of Heaven. They were very concerned that Y'shua would bring unwanted Roman attention.  Sadducee and Pharisee hierarchies united and conspired to put Y'shua to death because of the fear of losing their own religous stakehold.  Joseph Caiaphus the Sadducee high priest ordered Y'shua's death, he was NOT a middle class Pharisee, the Sadducees were aristocrats with connections to Rome, much like New York and Hollywood Jewish billionaires today who spurn Israel and the Jewish people for personal gain.
     The Sadducees are implicated in the death of Ya'akov haTsadiq (James the Just, brother of Y'shua) by the Josephus.  The Sadducees ceased to exist in A.D. 70, because they were their own agenda, but the Sadducees spirit lives on today in Karaite movement, you feel  and read all about it from Mr. Nehemia Gordon and his Karaite colleagues.
     No, there are no historical links between the Sadducees and modern Karaism except the religious focus on the letter of the law, and the same political religious discrimination and hatred against Jewish followers of Yeshua.  Orthodox Jews and Christians show more decency and respect for the Netzari Faith than Karaites.  Karaites are NOT threatened by non-Jews.  Mr. Nehemiah Gordon is happy to rub shoulders with all sorts of non-Jewish "Torah believers", but publicly condemns fellow Jews.  Why the two-faced hypocritical stance? Why the double standard when dealing with Torah observant Jews?  Mr. Gordon has an agenda.  Karaites chum with Ephraimite or Jewish leaders who are willing sew doubt on the authority of the Aramaic New Testament, that is why Mr. Roth is being targeted for a disinformation and hate campaign.
     In 2009 Mr. Baruch Ben Daniel invited Mr. Nehemia Gordon to a radio debate (Hebrew Nation Radio in Salem Oregon) on New Testament primacy, with Mr. Andrew Gabriel Roth.  Ben Daniel was the instigator who invited Mr. Roth and Mr. Nehemia Gordon to a pre-programmed TV debate on the New Testament.  This matter sits unresolved year after year, both Mr. Gordon and Mr. Johnson were well aware of this from before the Salem Oregon Symposium, however Gordon falsifies it and makes it sound as he knew no of such thing.
     Keith Johnson initially responded enthusiastically about the pre-recorded TV debate.  However, Mr. Gordon quickly convinced him that such debates were anti-Semitic and that the "ultimatum" [of the debate] was the equivalent of demanding that Mr. Nehemia be required to wear the hated yellow star.  Bear in mind Mr. Roth is Jewish.  Mr. Ben Daniel is Jewish. The TV station Gordon indicted is one of the largest Torah based Israelitish supporters of the State of Israel and Jewish people on earth.  Their "anti-Semitic" viewer support of Israel, Torah, and the Jewish people is unprecedented in human history raising millions of dollars for Jews, we can only hope and fervently pray that the Christian world would soon produce thousands more anti-Semitic stations like God's Learning Channel.  The TV station sports a cadre of "Torah Teachers" who are not only Torah Observant, but helping hundreds of thousands of Jews and Christians discover a new vibrant love for Torah and Mashiyach.  Mr. Gordon and Mr. Johnson were duly respected but they in no way reciprocated the kindness and goodness shown to them, when they didn't get what they wanted on their terms they became low class bullies.
     Both Mr. Roth and Mr. Ben Daniel are ardent supporters for restoring YHWH's Covenant Name.  For three generations Mr. Ben Daniel and his family brought the Name of YHWH into the public arena and felt the heat coming from all religious sides, some attacks have been horrific. The Sacred Name community has many folks put people in hell for not pronouncing YHWH's name according to their own religious pride.  But it's very odd that those who claim to love YHWH's Name are so bullyish and hostile against public debate.
     Bottom line is that in a bid to avoid open debate, Mr. Gordon pulled his feel-sorry-for-the-poor-Jew trump card.  It's regrettable that Mr. Gordon expected the "poor Jew" thing to work between Jews or those of any sort of reasonable education.
     In his newsletter Mr. Gordon described his lively opponent as "the converted Aramaic Jew",  and stated, "I knew the issue was not really the three Hebrew texts" and that "as far as Hebrew Matthew is concerned, Keith (Johnson) and I have never claimed it was the original word-for-word Hebrew gospel written 2,000 years ago. In our book and interviews we explain that Hebrew Matthew has gone through a long process of textual transmission.  Its importance is that, despite this long transmission, it is not a translation."
     Most folks of reasonable intelligence who read Mr. Gordon's newsletter would have caught the rhetoric... that the Shem Tob Hebrew Matthew is "not a translation" but the product of a "long process of textual transmission."  Mr. Nehemia Gordon provides no evidence of a "long process of textual transmission" he uses falsehood and theological seduction on those who have no scholarly metrics to know the difference between truth and lies, or what is more commonly called "BS".  Students of history (or truth) require historical references and direct quotes of such manuscripts before suggesting a "long process of textual transmission."  That is the same strategy evolutionists employ when asked about the age of the earth... old... very, very, very old... and getting older all the time.  Any fool can say something is old, but having the academic excellence to back it up is a far different matter.  Compare Mr. Gordon's rhetoric with the Eastern Aramaic Peshitta texts, 360 strong that span a gorgeous time frame of 164 CE until today, that have been debated and quoted incessantly throughout history, that have colophons with chain of custody, scribes names, couriers names, dates of transmission etc.
     Nevertheless, it would be delightful to learn knew things from Mr. Gordon.  We must not fuss about who our teachers are really, as long as they can slap proof on the table and not speak out of some "donkey" imagination.  What amazes is how someone like Mr. Gordon, who claims to have worked with Immanuel Tov (one of the world's greatest Dead Sea Scroll scholars), can make such tunnel vision comments as follows:
     "For its part, the Leningrad Codex serves as the basis of the Hebrew Bible used in every seminary and university in the world" Mr. Nehemiah Gordon Karaite educator. 
No, no, not really Mr. Gordon, the rest of the world knows that the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Septuagint (LXX) (along with the Masoretic texts) provide scholars a more eclectic and panoptic perspective of Tanakh (Old Testament).  In keeping with two or three witnesses, most scholars use all three of these ancient texts, as well as Peshitta Tanakh to keep things honest.  However, Mr. Nehemiah Gordon, the celebrated Hebruised Movement scholar while at the Symposium in Salem Oregon, before witnesses, never knew that a Peshitta Tanakh even existed, that's like calling oneself an expert gardener and telling others that potatoes, beets and radishes grow above the ground.  Hmmm.
     Honest scholars (click here for a short list of Aramaic Scholars) know that religious theologians tend to "bend" textual criticism in the direction of their religion.  Masoretic text, Dead Sea Scrolls and the LLX together provide three witnesses for and against the worlds major Judeo-Christian religions.  Anyone teaching that one text is the end all and be all, is a religious nutcase, even such rock solid and ancient Eastern Aramaic New Testament texts are able to shine because they stand the test of critics... which by the way... most if not all the online critics of the Eastern Peshitta New Testament are simply parroting others who also have not studied the Aramaic for themselves.
      Karaite Ben Asher is credited for the Masoretic texts that Mr. Nehemia Gordon elevates as holy grail, a rather self serving religion isn't it?  Why?  Because, the preservation of the Name of YHWH (Yahweh) and Scriptures that pertain to Mashiyach (Messiah) coming in the Name of YHWH are well preserved in the Dead Sea Scrolls and LXX but were adulterated by Masoretes and modern day Karaites.
It’s pretty much common knowledge among most scholars that the pronunciation of “Yahweh” was revised by Masoretic and European Jewry into “Yehovah.” Jehovah's witnesses are a prime example of pseudo-scholars who elevated the name of Jehovah due to ignorance of ancient texts and dialects – texts which Mr. Nehemia Gordon and Mr. Keith Johnson have refused public debate.
Dead Sea Scrolls predate Masoretic by 1200 years, the LXX by 800 years.  Masoretic scribes retained Pharisaical anti-Yeshua rhetoric, the same rhetoric that modern Karaites have in common with the oral traditions of the Pharisees.
     Mr. Gordon writes, "I knew what the ultimatum was really about from a Bible symposium Keith and I participated in last year alongside the same converted Aramaic Jew."  To clarify, it was actually Mr. Baruch Ben Daniel who asked for debate through Hebrew Nation Radio, but Mr. Gordon was cowardice.  After several months of negotiation Mr. Gordon agreed to a symposium where Mr. Roth, Dr. Russ Hills, Mr. Keith Johnson and Mr. Gordon all shared their New Testament perspectives.  The video footage and 200 witnesses would beg to differ with Mr. Gordon's conclusions of what transpired at the symposium.  The full content of the symposium is available for those who have been thoroughly scammed by Mr. Gordon's hebruised teachings.
     "Dr." James Scott Trimm was also invited to debate the same topic since the late 90's, but James Trimm also acted cowardice.  Mr. Gordon and James Trimm are teachers who claim to be scholars but neither has the scholar "nature" that invites open public dialogue and education.  We are seeing personality cults popping up, leaders getting a following for themselves then hiding in the shadows when they are exposed as religious nutbars.  Even godless atheists are willing to offer their ideas with peer review, godless atheists have more integrity and decency than Mr. Gordon the Karaite.
     In his newsletter posted on 3/25/11. Mr. Gordon writes of an experience that occurred during a small fellowship hosted by Hebrew Nation Radio in Salem Oregon on the Shabbat before the symposium. He states, "What followed were two of the most painful minutes I've ever experienced. The converted Aramaic Jew virtually broke his teeth on every letter..." in reference to Mr. Roth's reading Aramaic New Testament text.  What was interesting about the comment was that while sitting next to Mr. Gordon, Mr. Roth, and everyone at the dinner table discovered that Mr. Nehemia Gordon couldn't recognize Aramaic terminology if his life depended upon it. Yet he found it in his heart to criticize Andrew's attention to slowly and correctly enunciate Aramaic. Mr. James Trimm pulls the same deception and hoodwinks his followers into believing his stuff, but runs from invitations for open and public debate.
     Whether you are fluent or not in Aramaic, Mr. Roth has no dog in the dialect fight, he is more interested in laying out the most accurate translation of the text rather than being a showman.
     It was because of these types of "misunderstandings" that Mr. Roth and Mr. Gordon were invited to a public radio debate, when that didn't happen, a TV debate was offered.  Such a debate would provide both men the opportunity to explain themselves in full, and be available for questions about Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and textual criticism.  How could that be such a bad thing?
     About a month after Mr. Gordon and Mr. Johnson refused the debate, Mr. Johnson released a book on the name of Yehovah, and again Mr. Gordon authored a piece claiming to be "Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence", one would have thought a public debate would have been timely to launch of Mr. Johnson's new book?  No, instead we saw religious discrimination and stone throwing.  The call for public debate will always stand among honorable men as the right thing to do.
     Mr. Gordon writes, "The low point of the symposium came when the converted Aramaic Jew pointed at me and with spittle flying from his mouth warned the audience that Hebrew Matthew is contrary to faith in Yeshua because it never calls their beloved savior "Messiah."  Mr. Gordon neglected to point out that there are several "Hebrew Matthew's".  The texts are not consistent, it is uncertain whether Mr. Gordon is being willfully malicious or whether he is simply ignorant of the fact that Mr. Roth was referring to a survey done on one of the main texts.  Another sad thing was that Mr. Roth apologized to Mr. Gordon for not providing a reference for the audience during his lecture, but then Mr. Gordon berated him in his newsletter.  That's neither honest nor fair, that's deceptive.  Oh, and spittle was flowing there?  The cameras tell no lies, no spittle just escalating more of his lies. A dear Jewish sister noted that Nehemia’s characterization of Mr. Roth was in the same spirit that made Natzi propaganda posters of Jews famous.
     Mr. Gordon writes, "Beyond the historical sensitivities, I don't feel it is my calling to convince Christians to abandon their beliefs or to accept mine.  I have found that one's core beliefs are a matter of personal faith and relationship with God, not something that yields to hostile argumentation and disputation." 
     Regrettably, Mr. Gordon has demonstrated the very opposite of his word.  Plenty of folks who have converted to Karaism are now being condescending and hateful towards Messianic / Netzari family members and friends whom they once loved.  You lie Mr. Gordon.  Several appointments in Jerusalem were cancelled by a dear brother who had just converted to Karaitism--he would make an appointment and then talk with his Karaite religious "up-line" authorities and get scared off and cancel our appointments.  That's called "brainwashing and fear mongering your converts," Mr. Gordon.
     Mr. Gordon writes, "This is an old rumor that I referred to last year in my note entitled 'The Ass Speaks Out.'  What I didn't reveal back then was that the very same converted Aramaic Jew was involved in that rumor.  His exact role is still unclear to me.  However, it was in the context of that rumor I first heard through intermediaries he was insisting that I engage him in a public disputation.  For the record, I was not then, nor have I been since, going around trying to convince anyone to change his core beliefs in Yeshua or against Yeshua.  Since the rumor has resurfaced, I think it's time for the ass to speak out again and tell the whole story I only alluded to the first time." 
     What Mr. Gordon has what is called the Evil Tongue.  Mr. Roth baptized a man in named TC before witnesses in Israel, after spending time with Mr. Nehemia Gordon and his Karaite buddies he decided to follow the Karaite religion and began cursing Y'shua.  Mr. Gordon claims he is not responsible for any Christians leaving their faith, he lies.
     One of Mr. Gordon's Jerusalem colleagues teaches that it's ok for married me to have sex with other women--the Orthodox Jewish world calls it pilegesh, sex with mistresses or concubines.  Sorry to inform those who haven't heard of that before, but rabbis endorse extra-marital sex.  If the "old lady" can't make her husband sexually happy then Rabbi gives permission to for a young under-sexed mistress to can serve the man's sexual lusts.  Yes, decent men and women know that's pathetic and wicked, but that's the company Mr. Nehemia Gordon keeps and while "sanctifying" his Karaite new moons.
    Another Karaite loving soul, brother of aforementioned pilegesh preacher, runs the Jerusalem Messianic Jewish gossip gestapo, raking cold hard cash off the Christians whilst pedaling the Ebionite Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) influential first century god given rabbi whose main function is to be used to take money from Christians.  Well it's no wonder Mr. Nehemia Gordon hasn't had any good, honest, decent Jewish examples whereby he could learn the basics of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Bless his little soul, Mr. Keith Johnson the powerful preaching Methodist Pastor doesn't appear to know how to differentiate a religion about the Kingdom with thee Kingdom of Heaven... quite sad.
     More Jews believe in Yeshua today (most still call him Jesus) than Jews who follow Judah "ism".  Yeshua is the quintessential Jew.  Religious men seek after power, prestigue and religious status--but Mashiyach serves the true needs of our human family.  Religion and religious bigotry are so, so old, but the sad thing is that religious bullying, the stuff that Mr. Gordon does to those who ask him to explain himself, gets handed down generation after generation and spirit to spirit.  So if you've attended or know of others who have sat under Mr. Gordon's teaching, you would do well to consider whether you've picked up some religious "friends", if you know what I mean.
     Mr. Gordon writes, "If you look at the writings of the Jewish counter-missionary Rabbi Tovia Singer and the Christian apologist Dr. Michael Brown, the arguments haven't fundamentally changed in nearly 2,000 years. I don't think I would have a great deal of original thought to contribute to this discussion."
     Just after the Journey to Common Ground Symposium in Salem Oregon after reaching out to Mr. Gordon by writing a very pleasant email, inquiring about his understanding of Y'shua, Paul and Karaism.  Mr. Gordon immediately returned kindness with stone throwing.   Mr. Gordon names "Rabbi Tovia Singer", another psuedo-New Testament scholar who also runs and hides from public debate with Torah observant Netzari Jews.
     What most Jews and Christians don't get is that the religious hierarchies play Judaism off against Christianity in order to keep their paychecks coming in.  Religious discrimination and bigotry is a goldmine for many religious Jews and Christians, many people want their leaders to stroke their religious pride.  So debating the same old, same old, for 2,000 years is how rabbinical Judaism (rabbis) and Christianity (pastors and priests) keep legitimizing their religious pride against each other.
     Mr. Gordon probably understands that Mr. Brown is a Greek primacy Hellenized Jewish Christian.  Netzari Jews call guys like that Jews-in-Greeks clothing.  Mr. Roth is a Netzari Jew.  From speaking with Mr. Gordon and Mr. Keith Johnson it was quite apparent that neither one fellowships with Netzari Jews, with Ephraimites, ex-World Wide Church of God folks, ex-SDA, ex-Christians-- all those who came to Torah in mid or later in years, who represent Ephraimite or Two House religious identities and have strong Ameri-pagan cultural values -- all while still basing hierarchical leadership models on Ameri-Christian models from whence they've come. 
     Viva la difference.  Netzari Judaism is not based on Christianity.  Christianity is based on Netzari (Nazarene) Judaism with liberal amounts of paganism to keep it popular and easy to take.  Y'shua brought a government, not a religion.  In the final analysis it's Y'shua's halakha as King of Kings against all other religions and their leaders who refuse to humble themselves and surrender to His Authority, things like humility, kindness, gentleness, gratitude, honor and virtue are indicators of His Kingdom.  That's what Mr. Gordon and the Karaites don't like, and why they need to be religious authorities over others and to play rosh beit din (head house judge) with ever increasing egos over all Jews and Gentiles.
     In reality, those who follow the halakha of Mashiyach Y'shua understand very well that Pharisaical and Karaite authorities would love so much to throw stones at things like "Y'shua's calendar", but can't.  Mr. Gordon and most leaders in the Ephraimite movement fail to teach that Mashiyach followed the ancient and original Torah calendar, rather than the Karaite inventions that came 1,000 years after Mashiyach.
     It was Michael Rood who brought Mr. Nehemia Gordon into the Messianic community.  Mr. Rood is not Netzari, he's far from being a Hebrew or Aramaic scholar.  Mr. Rood doesn't claim to be a scholar nor should he.  Mr. Michael Rood sat under a succah in Jerusalem when we first me... very preoccupied with his business of "moychendizing".  Mr. Rood needed Mr. Nehemia Gordon to be his Hebrew "scholar" he gave him some cake then "dropped him off" in the Household of Faith to be an authority on Torah... later Mr. Gordon was adopted and loved on by Mr. Keith Johnson.
     When speaking of the commanding impetus to write his derogatory comments of Mr. Roth, Mr. Nehemia Gordon wrote: "As I stared down the wild ass, looking directly into its eyes, I knew what I had to do.  When I later looked up the phrase "wild ass" in the Bible I found the following verse:  "Who has let the wild ass go free? Who has loosed the bonds of the swift ass?" (Job 39:5).
     Mr. Gordon summarized his newsletter by saying, "The wild ass has been set free and no bonds will hold it back from doing the will of the Creator."  Anyone who ever met Mr. Gordon or Mr. Roth or heard them speak will know this about them... both share a wonderful sense of Jewish humor, sitting next to Mr. Gordon on a couple occasions for dinner, one can feel the laugh lines on one's face.
     Mr. Gordon does what he is and what he believes.  Mr. Roth believes he does the best to teach the True Faith.  Should they not have the chance to kiss and make up, what do you think?  Who will be the bigger man?  Bring these two Joyish boys together and let them duke it out with all the Yidishkeit they can muster.
     Nobody was asking Mr. Gordon to do the Rabbi Boteach versus Michael Brown shtick.  Mr. Roth is an ex-anti-Missionary (Jews for Judaism) expert.  Neither Rabbi Boteach nor Michael Brown would have a hope in hell of using their old dead religious rhetoric against Netzari halakha, but the big boys know how to play religious games and stroke the prideful religious flesh of their followers.  It's like coke or pepsi, the same demon owns both brands.
     Mr. Gordon and Mr. Roth need to do the right thing and step forward with an open public debate on New Testament primacy, that would be the righteous and honorable Torah thing to do... will it ever happen... probably not.
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PS Everyone knows Yeshua rode on a donkey, a foal of an ass... just before he was tortured to death... what's with Mr. Nehemiah Gordon speaking of his "wild ass" encounter?  What's the message behind his wild ass story? Folks, there are plenty of Israeli tour guides and taxi drivers who got born again dozens of times each week, in order to get bigger tips.  Dear sweet Christian people want ever so much for Jews to come to know their Messiah whom they so much love and cherish.  Dear sweet Messianic people have been buying and reading Mr. Gordon's books and some even think he's a secret believer.  No folks.  Mr. Gordon's words and actions are anti-Messiah.  Could Mr. Nehemiah Gordon learn the ways of wisdom, gentleness, kindness and honor... perhaps, I join my prayers with yours that Mr. Gordon will one day have the courage to humble himself and reach out to Mashiyach.  Most of us know the consequences of that.  Nobody ever mocked Mr. Gordon for being a Karaite, quite the opposite.  No Karaite radio stations or TV stations or public gatherings inviting Mr. Roth to speak to their communities.  Nope.  Mr. Gordon and the Karaites are takers, not givers, their strength is mockery and scornfulness.  The stone throwing exercise of Mr. Gordon and Mr. Johnson is simply a ploy to create sympathy for themselves and build a wider audience to speak and sell books about their religion... it's a matter of ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.  Y'shua is the Way, the Truth and the Life... that's not a cerebral theology, it's a way of our spiritual being.

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 6:36 PM:

Dear Nehemia,

Todah rabbah for the link, I just read your Feb 22nd Newsletter #449.

Pardon me for all the questions, I'm writing an article about Karaite Judaism from a Netzari perspective.

In your opinion does Paul do away with Torah and circumcision?

I ask because you stated in your presentation that Netzarim Jews "continued to remain as Jews, continued to practise certain Jewish ritual such as circumcision"

 (I've tried to contact Meir Rekhavi but couldn't find his email addy)

I'm wondering do Karaites have any unique reasons for disbelief in Y'shua as Mashiyach?

So far I've only read the same anti-Yeshua rhetoric on Karaite sites as Orthodox sites, it seems when it pertains to Y'shua as Mashiyach that Karaites and Orthodox are in total agreement, please correct me if I'm wrong?

Have you written any articles where you've employed Hebrew NT primacy perspectives as it pertains to Torah observance for non-Jews or opposing NT anti-Semitism etc?

I guess what I'm asking is how has your NT studies brought common ground between Karaites and Netzarim (or Messianics)?

I'm watching your Symposium presentation at the moment where you state: "Nazarenes were eventually persecuted to extinction, this is a fact of history"  Well no, that's Rabbinical and/or Christian lore (depending on your sources) both camps have a sustained baseless hatred and ignorance towards us from day one, that shouldn't suprise you though.

In every Century Netzarim have been a visible historical opposition to Rabbinical Judaism and Christianity.

Netzari Jews in India trace their family lineage back to the 4th Century.

I'll send you my article when it's done so you can read it for accuracy as it pertains to Karaite Judaism.

In your presentation you state that "Rabbis talk about their some of their documents (Netzari) that's a whole nother discussion, I don't have time, you'll just have to buy the book..."

So do you have any articles then that address this, other than what you have written in "A Prayer to Our Father" ?

Are the statements about you at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nehemia_Gordon accurate?

You stated in your presentation that "The Nazarenes brought this Hebrew Matthew back with them" could you provide your sources for that statement please?

Much appreciate your answers and looking forward to your reply,

todah rabbah,

Baruch Ben Daniel

Nehemia's reply:
Shalom Baruch,

It is called Karaite Judaism (Yahadut Karait) not Karaitism. This and your past e-mail sound like you are preparing an article bashing Karaite Judaism.  I'm perplexed how you can ask whether you have any common ground with Karaite Jews after participating in a symposium alongside a Karaite Jew entitled "Journey to Common Ground".
REPLY:  Nehemia, you were all laughs two weeks before... what happened dude?
Anyone with family members, friends or members of your congregation that have converted to Karaite Judaism with the help of Mr. Gordon please feel free to contact me.  Curious to know how many people have lost their faith because of the Karaite agenda of Mr. Nehemia Gordon.  Obviously Karaite converts are not likely to come forward themselves as their family and friends are being demonized for being "Christians", "Orthodox", "Rabbinical", "Pagans", "anti-Torah", "Messianic", "unlearned" etc. as was the case with TC who was strictly warned off of speaking with Netzari Jews.
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